Our Products

Insight Arcade is a digital studio focused on creating innovative learning & development products. Our vision for market led vocational education has driven us to develop a range of solutions based around our five key product verticals:

Training Curation

We search for, approve and promote the best face-to-face training courses available on the market. By guaranteeing seat numbers for the training provider, we secure big discounts over their rate card prices and allow them to focus on the training rather than the promotion.

Training Aggregation

We aggregate course and company information from thousands of training providers worldwide. By compiling comprehensive market information we can ensure purchasers of training are aware of the best options available to them.

Training Procurement

We can enable organisations to plan and procure recruitment and training on a strategic basis, ensuring that skills shortages are addressed before they occur. Requests for proposals are promoted to our network of accredited training providers.

Developer APIs

Our platform and developer APIs broker access to thousands of courses and training providers worldwide and allow training search and procurement to be integrated with other HR, L&D and ERP systems.

Learner Insight

Our learner profiles allow individuals and organisations to map out their skills and competencies, revealing skills gaps and permitting the development of bespoke training pathways.